A repertoire oscillating between Jump Blues and Early Rock’n’Roll, occasionally dipping into the swing genre. Money Makers mark the spirits with their wild and fair interpretations, mixing energy, musical quality and good mood.

Chris Everett was only a dozen years old when he discovered Elvis Presley.
Today, even though he sings most of the big names in Rock’n’Roll, his main preference remains the pre-1965 Elvis era, whose flagship titles make up more than 50% of his repertoire. He has already appeared live in several venues including the “Reservoir”, the “Balajo” or the “Pau Brasil”.

A specialist in New Orleans style Rhythm & Blues Piano, Boogie Woogie, Rock n ‘Roll, R & B, Country, Jazz, Soul Swing & Stride. Gavin Povey started playing the piano at the age of 5. He has toured the world, accompanied international artists such as Dion, Shakin ’Stevens, Dave Edmunds, and Albert Lee, before making his dream come true by singing his own songs with his own band.

Over the years, Jackson Sloan has earned a reputation as a lead singer for Jive, Jump Blues, Rockn ’roll and Boogie Woogie. His own composition "Kickin’ up the dust" his first major hit, carned him international recognition and fills dancefloors immediatly it is played.
Jackson Sloan performs at major festivals, often accompanied by the Drew Davis Rhythm Combo.
Drew Davies, is a singer and tenor saxaphone player from the UK. He draws his inspiration from the swing era of the 40s and the Rhythm‘n’blues of the 50s. ‘The Davies Drew Rhymes Combo’, appears in many European festivals and very often provides the backing band for such renowned artists like Mike Sanchez and Jackson Sloan.

As surprising as it may seem, Raffi is self-taught. This 16-year-old boy started playing the piano at the age of seven and learned to play online, by ear from the biggest videos .
His ease and dexterity appealed to television channels as he has participated in numerous shows such as Incredible Talent, The Great Battle and soon an appearance on the Voice. He also regularly performs at the BBC. For this artist, television is the best medium to show his talent and the fruit of his work. Each time, this fan of Elvis Presley fervently defends rock‘n’roll, the type of music that has a history and roots

Al Willis performs on stage in a trio, This trio’s style of play is based on Rockabilly of the 50s.

Mike Sanchez

Mike Sanchez

British singer, pianist and guitarist Mike Sanchez is one of the most exciting and charismatic performers of Rhythm & Blues and rock‘n’roll in the world today.
His boogie style piano attracts many fans around the world. - Mike is a top showman and interacts happily with his audience.
He works continually with many of the legends of Rock’n Roll and Blues, past and present, and tends to make his performances uniquely wherever he appears. He is continually acclaimed and admired for his work

Brandy Snaps Factory

Brandy Snaps Factory

When 3 lovers of 50‘s spirit cross, the magic of the good old Rock ’&’ Roll detonates!

It is in the greatest respect for the works of Big Joe Turner, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley or Bill Haley and many others that Bruno Deplaix (Vocals / Guitar), Benjamin Marmier (Drums / Vocals) and Frédéric Clavel ( Bass / Double bass / vocals) perform a Rock‘n’Roll repertoire mainly from the 50’s.

As comfortable with nuanced swing tunes as with a more muscular Rock ‘n’ Roll, Brandy Snaps will delight fans of the genre, starting with the dancers for whom the repertoire is particularly adapted, and without which the Rock ‘n’ Roll would not be what it is!

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