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Active for many years on the London scene, he has created an incredible collection of records from the 30s to the present day. John is also a Jive and Swing dancer who tours international festivals. He co-hosts Doing the Jive in central London and many private party events. He will come especially from England to make us dance to his favourite music.


Jean Marc regularly organizes Rock, Swing and Boogie dance parties. He was also responsible for organizing several events where rock bands from the region could perform. Former Parisian, he has mixed in many places including the Station Danse. Excellent dancer, he likes to take a few steps with his girlfriend. Dances to Shag music too and attends festivals abroad to discover new music and new orchestras.


Well known DJ in Paris where he organizes parties, often hiring orchestras as well. He has mixed in cult places such as Balajo, Chalet du Lac, at Gégène … DJ Fontana also djs at dance school events in the Paris region.

He was chosen to be a DJ at festivals such as the American Tours Festival and the famous Summer Jamboree of Senigallia in Italy. His repertoire is a mix of Swing, Dixieland, Rhythm’n Blues, Boogie-Woogie and Rock’n Roll from the 40s / 50s. Dancer for more than 30 years, he is a specialist of Rock and Bebop.


Since his early childhood, he was influenced by his father who introduced him to the world of swing and jazz. He attended the concerts of the greatest artists, but is also keen and open to other music. He is passionate about dance and hosts many rock nights in Nimes and Montpellier, but also in dance schools. He knows how to adapt his repertoire to various dancing styles and is a natural when it comes to produce sets with crazy rocks of the 50s.


DJ Gégé

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