Cat Lee King  from Bonn, Germany will play authentic 50s Rhythm’n’Blues and Rock’n’Roll. He will surprise you with his self-taught Piano Skills and his unmistakeable raspy voice. He manages to excite every crowd and put down an energy-packed live show that promises to put the fire on the harbour of Port Ariane.

David Costa Coelho skims the national and international stages by propagating his Vintage Swing,
Braising eyes, velvet voices, ultra-flexible eyebrows, and snappy winks make David swing between crooner and showman.
David Costa Coelho gives the tempo and ignites the Dancefloor, immersing you in the heart of a true show inspired by Broadway!
With more than 900 concerts on the clock, the energy of the charismatic singer unfolds all around the rythm‘n’blues repertoire of the late 40/50’s - from Cab Calloway through Louis Prima, Louis Jordan or Ray Charles.

Rockin Malek will take you into his rock‘n’roll world, where he has been bathing for years,
He has performed on many national and international stages.
Get ready to move and dance throughout his concert

Rock and Roll !
Swing Explosion with a big band !
Piano, singers, guitar, sax.
Do you like and love swing music and swing dance ?
You have come to the right place with this large big band performing on stage !
Awesome musicians who play like postmodern jukebox style although they have their own musical identity.

Good Evening Mr Jack

Good Evening Mr Jack

Good Evening Mr Jack is composed of seven musicians: piano, double bass, drums, saxophones, guitar and vocals, gathered around the same project: revisiting the roots of rock‘n’roll.
These musicians are strongly influenced by swing-era black jazz orchestras, boogie-woogie rhythms and blues, with more cheerful themes, a faster tempo, and a focus on sax and drums.

THE JALLIES, Is a band playing music from the 30s to today, led by 3 singers / instrumentalists mixing vocal harmonies and musical practices.

These 3 girls are accompanied by a bass player and a guitarist knowing how to combine music from jazz and rock‘n’roll.

The Jallies are reviving (Gene Vincent, Elvis, Janis Martin, Canned Heat, The Stray Cats, Amy Winehouse, Imelda May, etc ...), but also many original compositions.

Brandy Quintet

Brandy Quintet

When lovers of 50‘s spirit cross, the magic of the good old Rock ’&’ Roll detonates!

It is in the greatest respect for the works of Big Joe Turner, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley or Bill Haley and many others that 5 musicians perform a Rock‘n’Roll repertoire mainly from the 50’s.

As comfortable with nuanced swing tunes as with a more muscular Rock ‘n’ Roll, Brandy Quintet will delight fans of the genre, starting with the dancers for whom the repertoire is particularly adapted, and without which the Rock ‘n’ Roll would not be what it is!

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