DJs Battle:

On Sunday, June 27th, 2021, the access to “Le Patio” will be free from noon to 6pm.

You will dance with DJs coming from London, Paris and the Occitania region.

You could also eat, drink.

Have a look to their website to learn more about the place and the services they can offer.

The Patio is located in the town of Lattes, but quite far from the port of Port Ariane, so we will organize shuttles between Port Ariane and The Patio to allow everyone to enjoy this new place.

Departure from Zone hôtelière 11.30am  Arrival at Capitainerie de Port Ariane 11.40am

Departure from Capitainerie de Port Ariane 11.45 pm Arrival at The Patio 12H

Departure from Zone hôtelière 1.30pm  Arrival at Capitainerie de Port Ariane 1.40pm

Departure from Capitainerie de Port Ariane 1.45pm Arrival at The Patio 2pm

Departure from Zone hôtelière 2.30pm  Arrival at Capitainerie de Port Ariane 2.40pm

Departure from Capitainerie de Port Ariane 2.45pm Arrival at The Patio 3pm

Departure from The Patio 5.30pm Arrival at Capitainerie de Port Ariane 5.45pm

Departure from The Patio 6pm Arrival at Capitainerie de Port Ariane 6.15 pm